Motorcycle wishlist

After getting a new charging base for my TomTom GPS, I’ve decided I can focus on some of the other nicknacks (known to the crowd as “farkles”) for my bike. Makes sense to put them on here so that I can access the list while away from home as well as enable my girlfriend to stumble across this list at some point and surprise me with the occasional gift. 🙂

In order of priority, the items I want are:

  • Grip puppies for bikes with 7/8″ bars. These are cushioned grips that slide over the top of existing grips, apparently don’t cause too many problems with existing heated grips (beyond a slight delay in the heating), make the bars bigger, and reduce vibrations. I’d really love these – and given that they’re 10 bucks, I may wind up buying a pair before I finish posting! Also available from their British arm for 12 British pounds (you have to search “grip puppies” on the site); after shipping, I don’t know which is cheaper. Edit: got some on order.
  • Throttle lock. Oh, how I want thee. Install it on the right handlebar and it applies a small amount of friction when activated, such that the throttle won’t close unless you manually close it. So in effect it becomes cruise control, enabling you to use your right hand every now and again (or mostly just relax it!).
  • Mirror wideners. The mirrors on my bike are such that I don’t get a clear view behind me unless I turn my shoulders. For 50 bucks, I can put the mirrors further out. Edit: I’ve got one, now I need one for the other mirror. I’ve contacted the company, as it looks like a mistake in the shipment. Edit: Second one received.
  • Frame sliders. Not sure about this one yet, as I have the full engine guard already on the bike. However, the guards are quite big and bulky, detract somewhat from the naked look, and occasionally get in the way of my toes. Might be worth the 150 bucks to replace them with something offering slightly less coverage but a better look.
  • Carbon fiber parts. They’re strong, lightweight, and just look pimp. Low on the priority list, though.

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