Kurventechnik and farkles

Yesterday I had my Kurventechnik course, which is the last of my mandatory lessons before the license exam. Given how much I’m learning, I’ll probably keep taking lessons, sending a portion of my paycheck to Urs Tobler’s vacation fund, but it seems worthwhile. I’ll think about posting a picture when I get them – who knew that I could get such a steep lean angle in a parking lot, or that my teutonic street fighter could have such fun in the mud? It’s no problem starting on any kind of wet gravelly hill, let me tell you; I did it perfectly from the start, and the ABS never kicked in. I’m also much more comfortable with the bike sliding than I was two days ago, though I’m still not all that good with hands free negotiation of curves or side saddle riding at 80kph, and I want to improve my countersteering quite a bit (I just picked up Lee Parks’ Total Control book, too).

In other biking news, I just ordered another farkle today: a set of grip puppies to bring down the vibe. I’m concerned about how they’ll interact with the heated grips (believe me, the other students were jealous of those yesterday!) but I really want to start riding higher in the rev range, and to do that for any amount of time I’ll have to find a way of dealing with the insane engine vibration in the right half of the tach. I’m thinking I should put together a list of the farkles I’ve put on (most I ordered with the bike), either for fun or so that I have an easy-to-reference list for the insurance if I have to lay ‘er down sometime.

  • Grip puppies – see above, not yet here
  • Mirror wideners – got ’em, but not yet installed
  • Tank pad – carbon look, BMW logo
  • FLM seat bag. Plenty of storage capacity for everything I’ll need at my destination.
  • Engine bars (factory) – to prevent serious damage if I lay it down
  • ABS (factory). Duh. I hear it’s standard on all 2012 BMW bikes now (it was actually standard on mine as well, though not on the American version)
  • Heated grips (factory). Oh lordy do I love thee.
  • TPC (tire pressure sensor) (factory). Let’s me know if the air inside the spinny parts is too much or too little.
  • Power outlet (factory). Never used it, but if I ever decide to buy heated gear or something, I’ve got a place to plug it in.
  • Center stand (factory). Let me tell you, this bike goes up on it’s center stand easier than any bike I’ve ever heard of before. I rarely use the side stand!
  • LED blinkers (factory). They look pimp.
  • Fly screen (factory). I can’t remember if it’s an option or not, but I think so. Like the headlights it’s a bit odd, but effective enough. Rattles due to vibrations, though.
  • Raised seat (factory). Gives me a couple extra centimeters, makes my legs feel a lot better.
  • Tom Tom Urban Rider GPS. I actually got it as a gift a month before I bought the bike.

That’s all, folks!

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